EFVEfavirenz (pharmaceutical drug)
EFVExpeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EFVEntente Football Villages (French: Football Village Agreement)
EFVExcess Flow Valve
EFVÉcoles Françaises de Voile (French: French Sailing School)
EFVElectronic Viewfinder
EFVEspace Familial de Vie (French: Family Life Space)
EFVÉcole Française de Vilnius (French: French School of Vilnius; Vilnius, Lithuania)
EFVEnhanced Fixed Variable (rate)
EFVElectric-Field-Variant Function
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" "To secure the much-needed ARV, we are earnestly requesting the support of treatment hubs to procure nine month's supply of LTE and EFV for your current patients on these drugs using the reimbursed funds from Outpatient HIV and AIDS Treatment (OHAT) package of the Philhealth," the letter read.
The use of LPV/r and EFV (NRTI sparing group) was compared to LPV/r and two NRTIs (LPV/r group) and EFV and two NRTIs (EFV group), as initial therapy for HIV infection (26).
Cardiac CT angiography (CCTA) with volumetric acquisition shows the highest spatial resolution and reproducibility for quantitative analysis of EFV, including the assessment of the CT attenuation coefficient (14-16).
No additional viral drug resistance to doravirine was observed in study participants between Week 48 and Week 96, while two study participants in the EFV/FTC/TDF group developed viral drug resistance to EFV.
EFV is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor that is metabolised in the liver via the cytochrome p450 system, predominantly via CYP2B6.
For the regimen containing AZT or D4T plus 3TC plus NVP or EFV, the 2nd line regimen comprised ABC or didanosine (DDI) plus 3TC plus LPV/r, and the antituberculous regimen consisted of rifabutin instead of rifampicin.
The V106M mutation indicates high-level resistance to NVP and EFV, Y181C indicates reduced susceptibility to NVP, ETR, RPV and EFV, while Y188H indicates reduced susceptibility to NVP and EFV.
Where brand names were used, for example Erige for EFV, Kaletra or Aluvia for ritonavir-boosted LPV and Atripla for the fixed-dose combination TDF + emtricitabine (FTC) + EFV, expert clinicians were consulted to assign standard medicine codes.
First-Line ART Combinations and Alternatives First-Line ART Preferred Alternative First-Line First-Line Regimens Regimens Adults including (2 NRTIs + EFV) AZT + 3TC + EFV pregnant/breast TDF + 3TC or FTC + EFV AZT + 3TC + NVP -feeding women TDF + 3TC (or FTC) + NVP Adults with TB and HBV coinfection Adolescents TDF + 3TC or FTC + EFV AZT + 3TC + EFV (10-19 years) (Same as Adult) AZT + 3TC + NVP TDF + 3TC (or FTC) + NVP ABC + 3TC + EFV (or NVP) Source: Gunthard et al., 2017 Notes: ART = antiretroviral therapy; 3TC = lamivudine; EFV = efavirenz; FTC = emtricitabine; NRTI = nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor; NVP = nevirapine; TDF = tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
Second Choice-Tenofovir (TDF) + lamivudine (3TC) + efavirenz (EFV).