EFVEfavirenz (pharmaceutical drug)
EFVExpeditionary Fighting Vehicle
EFVEntente Football Villages (French: Football Village Agreement)
EFVExcess Flow Valve
EFVÉcoles Françaises de Voile (French: French Sailing School)
EFVElectronic Viewfinder
EFVEspace Familial de Vie (French: Family Life Space)
EFVÉcole Française de Vilnius (French: French School of Vilnius; Vilnius, Lithuania)
EFVEnhanced Fixed Variable (rate)
EFVElectric-Field-Variant Function
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Similarly, Ajay Sharma observed the same in 2 of their patients on EFV.
TDF/FTC through the common comparator ABC/3TC when the third drug was EFV, for the outcome ratio of patients with viral load of <50 copies/mL at 48 weeks.
Con relacion al ITINN prescrito, EFV se encontro en el 39,4% de los esquemas de tratamiento; no obstante, se han descrito reacciones de hipersensibilidad y efectos sobre el sistema nervioso central derivados de su uso (24,25).
This was a one-arm cohort study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of TDF, 3TC, and EFV in antiretroviral-naive Chinese adults with HIV/HBV co-infection (ClinicalTrials.
In phase two, we assign the PL values to network branches and define the optimal routes of EFV and EUV transport means from each CLT location to the users.
EFVs are inexpensive to install when a service line is first installed or later replaced, but significantly more expensive to retrofit on an existing service or replace if the valve fails or a customer installs gas-burning equipment that requires more gas than the EFV will allow through the service line.
While installing an EFV when installing a new service line is relatively inexpensive ($20 or less) retrofitting an EFV on an existing fine will be expensive ($500 to more than $1,000).
El equipo de salud deberia en estos casos hacer una revision critica del seguimiento del caso para poder detectar posibles deficiencias en la identificacion de ciertas necesidades existenciales y, de este modo, desarrollar un enfoque preventivo que permitiria a P/F un mayor confort y calidad de atencion en la EFV (2, 12, 16, 17).
Patients who are receiving TDF, 3TC and EFV as single drugs can be changed to the FDC at their next dispensing or medical visit.
2, 3] EFV has been reported to have psychoactive effects, such as hallucinations, dizziness and night terrors, which can be aggravated by the concomitant use of other psychoactive drugs.
Se incluyeron un total de 143 pacientes, naive a tratamiento ARV, con virus tropismo R5; de los cuales de manera aleatoria recibieron: 100 mg/dia de CVC (n=59) o 200 mg/dia de CVC (n=56) o EFV (n=28), todos en combinacion con Truvada.