EFfCIEuropean Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (Brussels, Belgium)
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The EFfCI claims that the regulation is not infringed if the animal testing has been conducted in order to comply with the laws of third countries.
The ISO 22716: 2007 Cosmetics GMP and EFfCI GMP Standard for Cosmetics Ingredients 2005 ensure delivery of highest quality products and production standards for the cosmetics and personal care sectors, and fulfill EU guidelines for cosmetics' production.
By being the first company in the Fragrance Industry and the 10th in Europe to have all perfumery manufacturing activities EFfCI certified, MANE anticipates its customers' future certification expectations and needs, all the while reaffirming that the quality of its products y with the most demanding management system standards.
was presented by Ruxandra Cana, legal advisor to EFfCI.