EG4Everybody's Golf 4 (game)
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Operation oysters in EG3 and EG4 were weak, given their thin mantles.
For the laboratory study, 72 oysters from each of the four groups (EG1, EG2, EG3, and EG4) were first maintained for 1 wk to reduce the stress responses caused by the operation.
Oxygen-to-nitrogen ratios throughout the whole experimental period were significantly affected by food restriction and were significantly low in EG3 and EG4 (Fig.
Reference Potentially contamined Gonad stage Dry season Rainy season Dry season Rainy season %F %M %F %M %F %M %F %M EG1 7 9 7 9 0 0 0 0 EG2 8 13 6 6 50 55 20 15 EG3 20 20 2 11 3 4 2 1 EG4 0 4 50 27 9 10 11 16 Total number of animals: 88.
EG M T Datum Features EG1 HM S1-S3-S6 F1,F2 EG2 HM S1-S4-S5 F3 EG3 VM S1-S3-S6 F1,F2, EG4 VM S1-S4-S5 F3 EG6 HM S3-S1-S5 F3 EG8 VM S3-S1-S5 F3 Note : MT = Machine Tool Table.2 Optimal setup plan Primary Secondary Features Setup MT datum datum Setup1 VM S1 S3-S6 F1, F2 Setup2 VM S!
He finished with a 4.195s gap ahead of runner-up Ahmed binKhanen, who was driving a white Honda Civic EG4. Tareq Al Tajer in a red FordFocus completed the podium placers 16.483s back.
Himmo charged to the lead and completed the 12-lap sprint in 16:03.641, just 5.407s ahead of Ahmed Bin Khanen in a Honda Civic EG4. Defending champion Tim Birkin in a Honda Integra came third 9.307s behind.
Bin Khanen was driving his white Civic EG4. Tareq Al Tajer claimed third 12.011s behind.
The drivers' positions at that time counted as the final classification, and Faqihi was in first, followed by Ahmed Bin Khanen in a white Honda Civic EG4 5.739 seconds behind.
He was 3.169secs ahead of runner-up Ahmed bin Khanen in a Honda Civic EG4. Mohammed Faqihi came in third 15.153secs behind.