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EGADSElectronic Ground Automatic Destruct Sequencer
EGADSElectronic Generation, Accounting, & Distribution System
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The first leg of the ELF is the share's allocable part of any member's earnings and profits (E&P), net of directly related expenses, from EGADs. Regs.
Also included as EGADs are a change in method of accounting resulting in a positive Sec.
1.1502-32(b)(1)(i) and (c)(1), but only to the extent the E&P for a tax year exceeds the EGADs for the same year.
1.1502-20(c)(2)(iii) provides that E&P is included in EGADs or PINAs only to the extent it is reflected in the basis of the share, directly or indirectly, immediately before the disposition or deconsolidation, after applying such provisions as Sec.
In addition, the deconsolidation rule contains a netting rule similar to the rule discussed under the LDR and is subject to the ELF cap (i.e., the basis reduction cannot exceed the sum of the EGADs, PINAs and duplicated loss).
For example, losses from EGADs cannot reduce gains from EGADs.
To be included in the ELF, and EGAD must occur after Nov.
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