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EGALEuropean Group of Astronomy Librarians (Royal Astronomical Society; UK)
EGALEquity for Gays and Lesbians
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Variaveis n % Infantis--Nivel Proximal Idade (meses) [superieur ou egal a] 24 251 83,95 < 24 48 16,05 Sexo Masculino 164 54,85 Feminino 135 45,15 Peso ao nascer(g) [superieur ou egal a] 2500 269 93,4 < 2500 19 6,6 Percepcao materna da saude Muito boa/boa 187 62,54 Regular/ruim 112 37,46 Tempo de permanencia na creche Integral 148 49,50 Parcial 151 50,50 Maternas--Nivel Intermediario Trabalho fora de casa Nao 160 53,51 Sim 139 46,49 Alfabetizada Sim 182 60,87 Nao 117 39,13 No.
Christian Egal, chief executive of EDF Energy Renewables, said: "EDF Energy Renewables is committed to developing new low-carbon electricity generating capacity to help maintain energy supply, tackle climate change, and maintain affordable energy prices."
Khalid Egal, of Saltley, whose favourite player is striker Darren Bent, led the teams out on the Villa Park pitch thanks to Premier League sponsors Barclays as part of its Spaces for Sport campaign.
Israel Foreign Ministry spokesman Egal Balmore justified the position by saying that Tel Aviv is looking for a new location for its embassy in Cairo, after leaving the former that was in an apartment overlooking the River Nile.
d) [p.sub.min], o numero minimo de complexos (1 [inferieur ou egal a] [p.sub.min] [inferieur ou egal a] p)
Usual Trinity Mirror promotion rules apply, available at k/l egal. Dress code for VIP tickets - smart casual.
"While the costs involved mean that couples may compromise over their finances rather than going to court, questions about which parent the child lives with, who they spend Christmas or the school holidays with, and how much access each parent has, are highly emotionally charged." Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke said last month that the overnment lans to axe egal aid unding for a ide range of sputes, reicting it to ases where ife or liberty is at stake.
According to the company, Qualcomm has also developed an advanced satellite air interface technology called EGAL (Enhanced Geostationary Air Link), which enables the satellite mode of operation in mobile devices.
Saudi media analyst Ahmed Egal told The Media Line that the deal meets both parties' needs.
A distribuicao dos agregados, por classes de diametro medio (de 8,0 [superieur ou egal a] 2,0 [superieur ou egal a] X > 1,0 cm, de 1,0 [superieur ou egal a] X > 0,5 cm, de 0,5 [superieur ou egal a] X > 0,25 cm e de 0,25 [superieur ou egal a] X > 0,105 cm), foi obtida submetendo-se as amostras de solo ao peneiramento via umida (Embrapa, 1997).
dale m)Ashley she is ive their marriage y, and Jai warns o get involved in egal during his new enture.