EGAREuropean Generic Article Register (medical supplies project; EU)
EGAREast Galway Animal Rescue (Ireland)
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Siptu's Anne Egar said the workers had shown "massive commitment and resolve" during the dispute.
Similarly, the nomad Egar the Dragonbane's discovery (not to mention an ill-considered affair) places him at odds with the Citadel, a powerful religious faction, and puts a price on his head; and the half-Kiriath agent and technological wizard Archeth, the last of her kind, guides the mercurial emperor Jhiral in his quest to evolve civilization.
Robert Egar, Why I Am a Priest: Seven Priests Tell Their Story (Archdiocese of Adelaide, Adelaide, 2001).
There is no doubt the Premier League has made some people very rich, but Ridley has also dug up some of those who have lost out and others who have carried on being involved in the game they love r egar dless.
Results showed statistically significant reduction in bow (P < 0.001) and twist (P < 0.001) and no statistical difference in crook (P = 0.321) for EGAR boards compared with conventional 2 by 4s before planing.
Alem do componente responsavel pelo principal efeito, outros sao necessarios para se ch egar ao produto final, formado pelo farmaco mais os excipientes.
Tom Nofi, formerly chief administrative officer at Egar Technology, was named chief financial officer and brings 23 years of consumer products, technology and direct marketing financial expertise to the organization.