EGASEducational Grants Advisory Service (UK)
EGASEgyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt )
EGASEuropean Group for Atomic Spectroscopy (now European Group for Atomic Systems)
EGASEuropean Group for Atomic Systems (formerly European Group for Atomic Spectroscopy)
EGASEnergy Search, Inc (stock symbol)
EGASECCMA Global Attribute Schema
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The official forecast is that EGAS will increase the quantity of imported gas via gasification ship to 1.
EGAS hopes the new system will help persuade British Petroleum to invest $1.
However, beyond the empowerment aspect of the EGAS model is the process dimension.
In October, EGAS offered a bid to supply LNG, and seven companies applied, including British Petroleum (BP), Vitol, Trafigura, and Golar, as well as three other companies.
If there is going to be support for models, programs, interventions, and strategies, such as EGAS, there must be data that demonstrate the difference that such programs make in the personal/social, academic, and career development of students.
Ivanhoe Energy and EGAS will enter into negotiations for a definitive agreement for the development of a project if the feasibility study indicates that a GTL plant is economically viable.
A senior EGAS official said in a statement to Daily News Egypt that the negotiations over the shipments will hopefully be finalised soon, until they are supplied with the second gasification ship in September.
My greatest concern with the EGAS approach deals with the makeup of the group of facilitators.
Another contributor to this project, ResolveNet, has their product development team working on a software package for building electronic catalogs using the EGAS and the IAEC (International Address Element Code), the standard attribute table of people, places, and organizations developed with the help of the U.
According to the official, EGAS has put a tight timeline for awarding the tender so that the ship is supplied as soon as possible.
The EGAS model utilizes some of the traditional strategies and structures from the group counseling movement in the 1960s and '70s, such as the use of a co-leader, establishing a set number of meetings, setting individual objectives, and building group cohesion and support.
In addition to UNSPSC and EGAS Tagging, CCP global and ResolveNet USA, Inc.