EGATEExpression Gate (programming language)
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Through an extension of their current agreements, eGate Solutions and Pourshins will continue to serve Delta for several years.
As a result of these reports, Customs officers will now always conduct a face to passport check in person when there is inconsistency between the eGate image of the passenger and biometric data information in the passport.
In addition to the already in production 24 automated border control (ABC) eGates, the new document readers will now allow border guards to tighten control and have a better articulation with the activity taking place at the eGates.
As part of this role, NZ Customs installed eGates (formerly SmartGates) - an automated self-service passport check system that provides faster border clearance.
Domodedovo Airport was the first in Russia to introduce eGate. New turnstiles allow passengers to independently pass control at the entrance to the departure zone or to board the aircraft.
The move follows the significant expansion of the airline catering provider's service portfolio, which, according to Chairman and CEO David Siegel, now ranges "from cuisine to cabin cleaning to sophisticated supply chain management and everything in between." In addition to Gate Gourmet, gategroup includes Supplair (food services), Pourshins (procurement and supply chain solutions), deSter (food contact items), potmstudios (packaging and industrial design), Harmony (comfort items), eGate Solutions (business applications), Performa (product and branding design), Elan (recruiting, training and contracting services for cabin staff), Gate Aviation (aviation cleaning and management) and Gate Safe (catering, cargo security, inspection and validation).
Moscow Domodedovo Airport reports the successful completion of the testing of the eGate turnstiles, which are designed for independent passage of passengers to the international gallery and on board the aircraft .
Tenders are invited for Empanelment of vendors for supply and installation of automatic border control egate
At the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Sri Lanka's Colombo, an eGate system will be introduced allowing passengers to clear immigration quickly, said mmigration Controller General Pasan Ratnayake.
Taiwan passport holders are now eligible to clear immigration via the eGate automatic border control systems at both of Rome's airports, making Taiwan one of only eight countries in the world outside the EU afforded this special privilege.
A simple gaze at a camera opens the eGate to board the airplane.
Synventive Molding Solutions has released eGate 2.0, the latest addition to its activeGate control technologies.