EGATEExpression Gate (programming language)
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Travelers' impressions upon encountering Vision-Box[R]'s ABC eGates were extremely positive, exceeding all expectations.
To be installed at all terminals in due course, smart egates are free and convenient.
We shall also install two eGates in the departure area as well.
Related to this, the adoption of eGates will be crucial to ensure that biometric passports yield effective but economical security.
leader in Automated Border Control solutions and expert in Passenger Experience, was contracted by the NDIA Steering Committee as the partner in charge for the implementation of one of the largest number of eGates in one single airport in the world.
RINK SCORES (N/land names first): S Nesbitt, M Summerell, EGates 11, I Arkle, P Byrne, E Wilkinson 25, P Henderson, V Hopper, M Murray 13, E Gardner, B Foots,M Delooze 24, D Lawson, D Clarke, J Teasdale 20, J Moody, P Dawson, D Gregory 14, J Robson, P Appleby, M Johnson 10, M Reay, B Aiken, H Butler 32, E Adams, C McCall, D Hayes 18, E Beattie, S Musgrove, P Swann 15, A Woopdard, B Robson, B Turnbull 13, I Kirkley, M Audas, A Hubbard 18.
Accounting respectively for an estimated traffic of more than one and two million passengers per year, Varna and Burgas International Airports, the busiest in the country after Sofia's, are now using Vision-Box[R]'s latest generation of Automated Border Control eGates to optimize passenger processing.
Designed to meet the needs of biometric APC kiosks and eGates
Presenting eGates at London City shows Border Force s commitment to work with airports to enhance experience for passengers, according to UK Home Office.
Over the past decade, ePassports, biometric readers, and secure document scanners have allowed veteran travelers to self process through border control via eGates and Automated Passport Control (APC) Kiosks at an increasing number of airports, seaports, and land borders across the globe.
He also stressed that the opening of the consular section and the third overseas visa issuing centre is aimed at enhancing the cooperation relations regarding consular affairs, improving customer service and facilitating the entry of workers into the UAE through eGates at entry points.
com)-- Having previously installed 46 of the UK Border Force's first generation eGates since 2009, Vision-Box[R] has now been awarded the contract to deploy up to 180 of the 2nd Generation of eGates, Vision-Box[R] vb i-match[R] 5.