EGATEExpression Gate (programming language)
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The Government department insisted Border Force officers have kept eGates open beyond 11pm "often to accommodate passengers arriving on delayed British Airways flights".
These new eGates are already offering them a seamless immigration process, with no queues and no hassle - since the inauguration, more than 20,000 passengers have already been processed
To be installed at all terminals in due course, smart egates are free and convenient.
Related to this, the adoption of eGates will be crucial to ensure that biometric passports yield effective but economical security.
Since they have been deployed, the eGates installed at the Arrivals and Departures areas of the airport have processed more than 9000 passengers, each process taking only 15 seconds on average
Dubai Airports has also increased the number of the recently introduced Smart eGates at Terminal 3 and automatic tray return machines have been introduced at security check areas with a view to easing the flow of passengers, he said.
Two eGates are currently operational at the airport's arrivals hall but only Bahrainis are allowed to use them.
RINK SCORES (N/land names first): S Nesbitt, M Summerell, EGates 11, I Arkle, P Byrne, E Wilkinson 25, P Henderson, V Hopper, M Murray 13, E Gardner, B Foots,M Delooze 24, D Lawson, D Clarke, J Teasdale 20, J Moody, P Dawson, D Gregory 14, J Robson, P Appleby, M Johnson 10, M Reay, B Aiken, H Butler 32, E Adams, C McCall, D Hayes 18, E Beattie, S Musgrove, P Swann 15, A Woopdard, B Robson, B Turnbull 13, I Kirkley, M Audas, A Hubbard 18.
When launching Terminal 5's eGates in 2015, the Home Office said that: "Automated technology, such as eGates, give Border Force the ability to process a higher number of low risk passengers more quickly and using less resource.
The first test case in Portugal consists of testing exit/departure ABC eGates by TCN visa-exempt passengers.
6 million eGate upgrade and expansion project is helping manage the increased volume of passengers, with 50 of the new and improved eGates now fully operational nationwide.
vb i-match[R] ABC eGates are developed by Vision-Box[R], the industry leader with more than 800 Biometric-based Automated Border Control solutions installed worldwide.