EGBIEMU (European Monetary Union) Government Bond Index
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[11.] Egbi G, Steiner-Asiedu M, Saalia FK, Ayi I, Ofosu W, Setorglo J, Klobodu SS and M Armar-Klemesu Anaemia among school children older than five years in the Volta Region of Ghana.
Egbi G (1*), Alatiah GA (2), Ayi I (1) and M Steiner-Asiedu (2)
The grant will help offset some of EGBI's business-building operational expenses.
Awarded annually via a lottery system, PGP awards provide grants up to USD 12,000 to community-based organizations (CBOs), like EGBI. FHLB Dallas matches a member's contribution to a CBO of USD 500 up to USD 4,000 at a 3:1 ratio.
(2009) Treinamento espirometricas, resistido/Grupo composicao corporal EGBI: Treinamento (IMC), qualidade aerobio e exercicios de vida (QQVSG), resistidos de baixa dispneia (BDI, intensidade/Grupo indice de dispneia TC: exercicios basal), forca resistidos, muscular periferica treinamento aerobio, (teste de repeticao treino resistido maxima 1-RM), leve capacidade funcional (TC6M).
Laura Egbi has a superb collection of bright and colourful cushions, that will liven up the garden when you entertain.