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EGBUEnhanced Guided Bomb Unit
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Professor Egbu discussed in his research paper the holistic approach to address the impact of the Built and Natural Environments on Health & Wellbeing of the society.
Similarly, because individuals may perceive cost and benefit of action differently they are often said to be relative and subjective (Lai, 2005; Egbu et al., 2008).
There is increasing recognition that knowledge management is a key organizational capability for creating and sustaining competitive advantage in today's construction business environment (e.g., Kululanga, McCaffer 2001; Egbu 2004; Carrillo, Chinowsky 2006; Pathirage et al.
in simple terms technology could be viewed as the technique used by human or machine to support daily activities, and it could be in form of hardware, software, and know-how, which is the learned or acquired knowledge or technical skill (Egbu C., Lee C., 2007).
Within this context, Egbu, Gaskell and Howes (2001) consider innovation as the new pre-requisite for a competitive advantage.
Abbreviation codes: AGM Air-to-Ground Missile AIM Air Intercept Missile CBU Cluster Bomb Unit EGBU Enhanced Guided Bomb Unit GBU Guided Bomb Unit GPS/INS Global Positioning System/Internal Navigation System M Army Designation for Unguided Munition Mk Mark (General Purpose Bomb) Source: Air Combat Command Directorate of Requirements
Only a handful of studies address the prospective welfare gains from comprehensive planning schemes (Cheshire and Sheppard, 2002 and 2005), and even fewer empirical studies have attempted to estimate demand-side price effects (Egbu, Olomolaiye, and Gameson, 2007; Ihlanfeldt, 2009).
Hence, in studying the processes that facilitate innovation, much research has shown how innovation is inextricably linked to the management of knowledge, and also the management of people who are the elemental knowledge storehouses (Egbu, Botterill and Bates, 2001).
Chief Raph Egbu, the state's commissioner for information, calls Governor Kalu "an agenda setter" as opposed to a pacesetter.