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EGCGEpigallocatechin Gallate (antioxidant in green tea)
EGCGEpithelioid-Giant Cell Granuloma (pediatric gastroenterology)
EGCGExternal Gender Consultative Group (est. 1996; World Bank)
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Inactivation of myeloperoxidase by EGCG may be beneficial in mitigating IBD flare-ups.
After a minimum of 7 days of acclimation, the mice were randomly allocated to three groups with 10 mice each: 1) Control group, in which the mice were given saline (10 mg/kg, ip); 2) LPS group, in which the mice were given LPS (10 mg/kg dissolved in saline, ip); 3) EGCG group in which the rats were administered EGCG (10 mg/kg, ip) 1 h prior to LPS injection.
For three months, the mice consumed a combination of EGCG and FA, or EGCG or FA only, or a placebo.
EGCG in the tea infusions was measured by the researchers, and around 100 tea drinkers were recruited to taste the tea.
Yiyun Cheng and colleagues wondered if they could use EGCG, which is known to bind strongly to RNA, in combination with a small polymer to form nanoparticles that safely deliver siRNA into cells.
Thus far, no studies have investigated the effect of EGCG on IVM of bovine oocytes.
The findings indicate that in bone marrow patients, the EGCG transformed light chain amyloid, preventing the misshapen form from replicating and accumulating dangerously.
'The health benefits of green tea have been widely promoted and it has been known for some time that EGCG can alter the structures of amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimer's diseas,' said David Middleton, Professor at Britain's Lancaster University.
Three-month-old mice were fed a standard diet or a high-fat, high-fructose diet with or without the addition of EGCG.
All rats were randomly assigned to sham surgery group (sham group; n = 10), DSS-induced UC group (UC group; n = 10), UC + EGCG group (EGCG group; n = 10), and UC + EGCG + TLR4 inhibitor E5564 group (TLR4 group; n = 10).