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EGEAEuropean Geography Association (Netherlands)
EGEAEuropean Garage Equipment Association (Belgium)
EGEAEquine Guided Education Association (Valley Ford, CA)
EGEAÉtudes Géopolitiques Européennes et Atlantiques (European and Atlantic Geopolitical Studies)
EGEAEnte Gestione Energia e Ambiente (Italian: Energy and Environment Management Authority)
EGEAEthylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Acetate
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2007), we also excluded from the population at risk of new-onset asthma any participant who reported at baseline three of five asthma-like symptoms in the preceding 12 months (wheeze and breathlessness; chest tightness; attack of shortness of breath at rest; attack of shortness of breath after exercise; awakening by attack of shortness of breath); this information was available in three of the six cohorts (ECRHS, EGEA, SAPALDIA) (Boudier et al.
City/area refers to the city in ECRHS, EGEA, E3N, and SAPALDIA and the country in NSHD (England, Wales, and Scotland).
Hay fever was twice as common among participants with incident asthma compared with those without asthma (except for NSHD and EGEA at baseline).
VALIDATED NAME: Peltuletalia euplocae Llimona et Egea 1985 (LLIMONA & EGEA, 1985: 443) [Art.
SYNONYM: Peltuletalia euplocae Morena et Egea 1991 (MORENO & EGEA, 1991: 74) [Art.
El diseno de la metodologia EGEA se formaliza en Francia a partir de una serie de trabajos de investigacion desarrollados por un equipo multidisciplinario del Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agronomica (INRA-SAD) (13) constituido por ingenieros especializados en diferentes dominios tecnicos (agronomia, zootecnia, economia y sociologia), que instauran en la institucion lo que se conoce como pensamiento sistemico.
Uno de los postulados principales del EGEA es que considera a la unidad familiar de produccion como un sistema complejo, que comprende el sistema de produccion, la familia, el sistema de decision y el contexto.
NEA-Rhode Island is like a big family," says EGEA President Ray Pouliot.
Other Rhode Island locals have sent EGEA about $3,500 to keep the Connection in operation.
In EGEA, it was defined by a positive response to "Have you ever had attacks of breathlessness at rest with wheezing?
Allergic sensitization was defined by skin-prick tests to 11 allergens in EGEA (cat, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Blattela germanica, olive, birch, Parieteria judaica, timothy grass, ragweed pollen, Aspergillus, Cladosporium herbarum, Alternaria tenuis) and by specific IgE to four allergens in ECRHS (cat, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Cladosporium, and timothy grass).