EGEASElectric Generation Expansion Analysis System (alternative electricity production)
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Egea follows with an analysis of Viridiana (1961) whose humor reveals "remnants of surrealist jesting," cruel jokes defining of the national taste that indulges in what Bunuel himself, calls "Spanish tradition of blasphemy." In Egea's interpretation, while Bunuel comments on Spanish regime hypocrisy that covers with a mask of holiness its developmentalist practicality in the fast industrializing society, he also shows that innocence is impossible in its context.
Fernando Fernan Gomez), Egea perceives a Hitchcock's influence in a story of murders occurring in a provincial Spanish town as dark laughter disrupts the habitual way of looking at things by revealing the otherness hidden under the surface of "affable townsmen".
Egea insightfully argues that laughter intervenes in the business of making political transition.
Egea interprets them as expressions of fears about the moral degradation of a post-1992 Spain.
Egea's writing is subtle, complex and conscious of the reach critical debates to which it contributes.