EGECEuropean Geothermal Energy Council
EGECEncyclopedia of Global Environmental Change (book series)
EGECEntreprises Gardoises pour l'Egalité des Chances (French: Gardoises Companies for Equal Opportunities)
EGECEntreprise Générale Électricité Chauvin (French general electric company)
EGECEuropean Geotechnical and Environmental Course
EGECElectricity Governance Establishment Committee (est. 2000; New Zealand)
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"Things must change if Europe is to reach its energy de-carbonisation objective," said EGEC President Burkhard Sanner.
EGEC also calls for the creation of a European risk insurance scheme to mitigate geological risk from geothermal exploration.
By using the remaining 3% to create a European geothermal risk insurance scheme, the EU will remove one of the main barriers for geothermal development in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe, argues EGEC. The geothermal industry association adds that such governmental risk mitigation schemes exist in France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.
It could be developed in cooperation with the European Investment Bank," continues EGEC. Risk coverage schemes would cover a certain percentage of the investments.
EGEC is also calling on public authorities to come up with underground regional planning in order to optimise resource allocation between geothermal energy, carbon storage and possible other underground usages.
EGEC notes that zones of dual use should be clearly identified.
EGEC is also presenting national geothermal targets for both electricity and heating and cooling respective to the weight of geothermal in the 20% binding 2020 target set by the current Renewables Directive (2009/28/EC).
Speakers include Anna Rita Bramerini, Tuscany's Regional Minister for the protection of environment and energy and European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) president Burkhard Sanner as well as MEPs and representatives from the European Commission.
Se desarrollaron las fases para un tema especifico, por confidencialidad del EGEC y de los investigadores principales (IP), se tomo un tipo de cancer y una prueba diagnostica para la deteccion del mismo.
In particular, the collaboration with IGA as the international geothermal umbrella has proven to be of strategic relevance, allowing for a high degree of interaction and engagement with the World Bank-ESMAP, IRENA, IEA-GIA, US DOE, GEA, GRC, EGEC, UGI, and more.