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EGFEpidermal Growth Factor (protein)
EGFEast Grand Forks (Minnesota)
EGFEuropean Garden Flora (plant hardiness zones; Europe)
EGFEuropean Gendarmerie Force
EGFÉcole du Golf Français (French school of golf)
EGFElectricity Generating Facility (Connecticut)
EGFÉvaluation Globale du Fonctionnement (French: Global Assessment of Functioning; psychiatry scale)
EGFMurine Epidermal Growth Factor (also seen as mEGF)
EGFEmpresa Geral de Fomento (Portugese: General Company of Fomento)
EGFExponential Generating Function (mathematics)
EGFEmpirical Green's Function
EGFEncyclopédie Grammaticale du Français (French: Encyclopedia of Grammatical French)
EGFEuro Gaming Force (gaming clan)
EGFEspace Graphic Fidésien (French: Space Graphic Printing)
EGFEuropean Gold Finch
EGFEnclosed Ground Flare
EGFEntente Gymnastique du Faucigny (French gymnastics organization)
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Adel Zarouni, EGF vice-chairman, added: "With the support of DP World, the EGF has been able to see rapid growth at the grassroots level which is pushing the National Junior Development Programme.
Therefore, EGF was supplemented along with BSA in the maturation media.
This marks the beginning of a renewed and revitalized EGF, with the promise of a more dynamic foundation to meet the needs of developing communities.
The investigators said they are interested next in seeing if topical EGF prevents scars in active acne.
After 24 h of serum deprivation, cells were pretreated with varying concentrations of methylprotodioscin or dioscin for 30 min and treated with EGF (epidermal growth factor) (25 ng/ml) or PMA (phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate) (10 ng/ml) for 24 h in serum-free RPMI 1640.
Chute said it appears that EGF works by repressing a protein called PUMA that normally triggers stem cell death following radiation exposure.
Hox and senseless antagonism functions as a molecular switch to regulate EGF secretion in the Drosophila PNS.
EGF (Sigma, USA) inoculum was prepared in sterile distilled water at a final dose of 100 [micro]g/kg body weight.
The festivities after the event at the Els Club last weekend were rounded off by the EGF presenting the Order of Merit awards for the 2009-10 season.
International researchers discuss approaches ranging from the study of the purified EGF receptor to complex signaling and processing networks in intact cells.
EGF influences cell proliferation and migration, but no study had looked at the molecule's effect on both behaviors simultaneously.