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EGGAEngineering Geological and Geohazard Assessment (Philippines)
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(16) mis onneks juhtus uhhele, what happiness-TRA happen-IMF.3SG one-ALL 'The happiness that fell on one of them' romustas keiki, ja mis uhhe peale make.happy-IMF.3SG everybody-PRT and what one.GEN on 'made everybody happy and what happened to one' langes, panni teisi ka murretsema fall-IMF.3SG put-IMF.3SG others-PRT too worry-SUP 'of them made others worry too,' egga olnud seal uhhegi suust kuulda, EPI be-PPT there mouth-ELT hear-INF 'In fact, nobody was heard to say anything' mis teisi wois teotada (OLE 1817-Holtz) that others-PRT can-IMF.3SG harm-INF 'that could harm the others' A similar use occurs in the Dialect Archive, where the opposition concerns the recipient's assumed level of intelligence.
(22) Egga sa pea omma Pa jures wandma (OLE 1715-UT) EPI you must own.GEN head.GEN on swear-SUP 'Obviously you don't have to swear on your head' In the Dialect Archive there are examples that suggest a similar epistemic-adversative meaning.
They also mention that the British Museum possesses an important collection of textiles from the Egga region of northern Nigeria, which were acquired during the Niger Expedition in 1841 (p.
Davos's traditional "Schwingfest" (alpine wrestling) in the Sertig ("hind'r da Egga") is held on either the second or third Sunday in August with the exception of years in which the "Kantonal-schwingtag" (the Kanton's alpine wrestling day) is supposed to be held.
RAMSAY JOHN (Egga) On April 22nd, peacefully at Tollesby Hall aged 51 years.
Keep shining Kev and we shall see you when we get there Egga. Goodnight and God bless Kev.) -- Heartbroken Brother, Sisters and In laws P.s.
One hundred and fifty galvanizers from all over Europe came to the George Hotel, Edinburgh, on 10-14 June for their annual conference organised jointly by Galvanizers Association of UK and Ireland and European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA).
SHAW Tracy On June 30 suddenly, Tracy aged 46 year of Stockton, much loved daughter of Carole and Derek, loving sister of Julie and Wendy, dear sisterinlaw of Egga and David, special aunty of Lyndsey, Aaron, Kelsey and Honey, also a loving granddaughter of Dorothy.
(Rest in peace Ellis.) - Leah, Egga and family xx WHITE - ELLIS, May 7, 2012.
T H R E A D G O L D -E R I C (EGGA), December 5, 2007.