EGLUEuskal Gramatika: Lehen Urratsak (Basque grammar book)
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The New Eglu Cube is made by Omlet, a company based in the United Kingdom.
The Eglu doesn't come cheap - models are for sale online at pounds 425 - but Jenna can source the chicken houses, or just about anything chicken-related including feed, bedding and husbandry products.
A quick clean of the Eglu takes two minutes and my evening poo pick-up duties have simply become part of the normal timetable of domestic duties.
"The Eglu introduces fresh, great tasting food and a healthier lifestyle, making keeping chickens that lay delicious eggs easy and fun.
I realised this when I attempted to shoo them inside their Eglu pod at beddy-bye-byes time - sorry, night.
The winner of this year's Homers' Award for Plastics Design and Innovation is Omlet, the company which won the award for the plastic Eglu chicken coop in 2004.
A new beehive design by Omlet - makers of the Eglu urban chicken coop - aims to make it easier for people to keep bees in towns and cities, even if they do not have much space.
This is the extremely groovy, easy to clean Eglu, big enough for two small to medium breed hens or three bantams.
City dwellers keen for a taste of The Good Life have already made advance orders for the state-of-the-art plastic 'eglu'.
The sun is streaming down and Tom's three chickens - the chronologically named April, May and June - have popped out of their "eglu" pen for a peck and a scratch.