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EGOSESA (European Space Agency) Ground Operations Software
EGOSEmily Griffith Opportunity School (Denver, CO)
EGOSEuropean Group for Organizational Studies
EGOSEuropean Group of Surveyors (Brussels, Belgium)
EGOSEuropean Group on Ocean Stations
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Yea, this ego, with its contradiction and perplexity, speaketh most uprightly of its being--this creating, willing, evaluing ego, which is the measure and value of things.
Always more uprightly learneth it to speak, the ego; and the more it learneth, the more doth it find titles and honours for the body and the earth.
A new pride taught me mine ego, and that teach I unto men: no longer to thrust one's head into the sand of celestial things, but to carry it freely, a terrestrial head, which giveth meaning to the earth!
When dey do not bite off your thumbs dey are always dying from nostalgia-homesick-for dey haf der imperfect soul, which is midway arrested in defelopment-und too much Ego. I was dere for nearly a year, und dere I found a man dot was called Bertran.
Dot friend of ours haf still too much Ego in his Cosmos, Be quiet, thou!"
It made him feel, this acquired faculty, like some monstrous stealthy cat; he wondered if he would have glared at these moments with large shining yellow eyes, and what it mightn't verily be, for the poor hard-pressed ALTER EGO, to be confronted with such a type.
The notion that actions are performed by an agent is liable to the same kind of criticism as the notion that thinking needs a subject or ego, which we rejected in Lecture I.
Maston, with much feeling, "I am a friend of the president's, his alter ego , his second self; if you really must kill some one, shoot me!
Their affiliation with the MILF was based on identification cards recovered from them, Egos added.
Egos said probers are still determining if Musil was indeed an MILF leader.
Filipino organizations proliferate to accommodate ego, social climbing, and personal ambition.
In practice our egos are a mash-up of all or some of the above and many other beliefs too.