EGQElectric Guitar Quartet (rock band)
EGQEspadon de Grand Quevilly (French sports club)
EGQÉcole de Glisse Queyrassine (French surfing school)
EGQEnglish Guitar Quartet (est. 1987)
EGQElectronic Games Queensland (Australia)
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Theorem 6.4 A finite EGQ of order ([t.sup.2], t) with (*) is an STGQ.
Call generalized quadrangles with such a group coset representation "elation generalized quadrangles" ("EGQs"); the group E is the elation group, and there is a special point ([infinity]) through which all the lines are fixed by E (the "elation point").
A careful and elaborate analysis of fixed point structures in EGQs and STGQs, leads to the following theorem.