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EGR2Early Growth Response 2 Gene
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These patients were negative for pathogenic variants of PMP22, MFN2, MPZ, GJB1, GDAP1, HSPB1, HSPB8, EGR2, NEFL , and RAB7 .
Qin, "Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) signaling promotes proliferation and survival in osteoprogenitors by increasing early growth response 2 (EGR2) expression," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
The transcription factors Egr2 and Egr3 are essential for the control of inflammation and antigen-induced proliferation of B and T cells.
It is interesting to note that zinc finger-containing transcription factors such as egr1, egr2, and egr3 and immediate early genes such as fos and jun, were found to be remarkably upregulated in the present study; egr1, egr 2, and egr 3 have been implicated in the proliferation and differentiation of many cell types [7, 8], and fos and jun have been linked to the regulation of angiogenesis [9].
Additionally, CMT1 has been associated with mutations at the following genes: PMP22, connexin 32 gene or gap junction protein B1 gene (GJB1), the myelin protein zero gene (MPZ), the early growth response gene 2 (EGR2), the myotubularin-related protein 2 gene (MTMR2), the N-myc downstream-regulated protein 2 gene (NDRG1) and the periaxin gene (PRX) (Nelis et al.
Among the dysregulated 516 genes in the MI model group, 12 were transcription factors, including CEBPD, CREB3, BCL3, SIX4, NFATC4, MAFF, ERF, NFIB, MITF, AEBP1, EGR2, and PRRX2.
We propose that CYD enhances adipogenesis and inhibits osteogenesis by regulating the expression of a number of key candidate genes, including FGF2, TGF[beta]2, Plat, EGR2, MEF2D, and IRS1.
Based on the characters of M1 and M2 macrophages described above, several markers such as iNOS, CD38 (for M1 macrophages), Egr2, and CD163 (for M2 macrophages) have been utilized for studying their functions on cancer initiation, development, and dissemination [4-6].
In addition, the study found that miR-504 targeted the Grb10 and Egr2 genes.