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EGRETSEnthusiastic Group of Riders Exercising Tandem Style (Virginia Beach, VA)
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At least 50 Great White Egrets were seen in Wales in 2016, almost doubling to 95 in 2017, and it will surely cross the threefigure threshold when 2018 results are counted.
The smart money is on their even closer cousin, the cattle egrets, eventually spreading from their current South-west domain and also colonising the country.
While there were 800 intermediate egrets and 120 great egrets spotted in Biec last year, the number dropped to only three and seven, respectively, this year.
The report, by the Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club, says: "Little egret numbers in the county continue to rise."
A total of 18 cattle egrets (9 male, 9 female) were included in the primary study, including 6 from the pilot study.
As one of the most terrestrial ardeids, Cattle egrets show dietary flexibility, feeding on large variety of prey in a given environment (McKilligan, 2005).
Little egrets, perhaps spurred by climate change, began to colonise the south of England 20 years ago and the small number of newcomers quickly began to grow.
Great Egret Awakening by Zsolt Kudich, and (below) Andrey Gudkov's Komodo Judo
Due to their bio-indicator capacity at wetlands (productivity, trophic structure, human disturbance, and contamination), herons and egrets are considered as wading birds of noticeable ecological importance (Custer and Osborn, 1977; Dister et al., 1990; Kushlan, 1993; Briggs et al., 1998; Osiejuk et al., 1999; Guillemain et al., 2000).
I will be arguing that, despite being concerned with death in many ways, "White Egrets" forcefully reiterates Walcott's belief in the power of renewal of the natural, or, more specifically, animal world: rather than presenting the nonhuman world as inert, dispensable and, ultimately, at the disposal of his artistic vision, Walcott's "White Egrets" restates Walcott's commitment to a poetry and poetics which reflect, respect, and enter in an interactive dialog with it.