EGRIDEmissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database
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But a reasonable standardization of the carbon metric for a national code may be found by evaluating carbon impacts using one-hour increments within eGRID sub-regions.
Engineers at eGRID are currently developing dynamic models of the facility's power systems and future goals include coupling the mechanical (WTDTF) and electrical (eGRID) models to form a single, facility-level, dynamic model.
The EPA eGRID 2012 database includes data on eGRID sub-region annual non-baseload C[O.sub.2e] emission rates for use in marginal generation analyses.
We estimated emissions from the Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database (EGRID; U.S.
The objective of the project is to develop a 18 MVA Grid Emulation System ( eGrid ) to be used in the 15 MW wind turbine and 3 MW marine drivetrain/powertrain test facilities ( Test Facility ) which are both located at the ORE Catapult testing facility at Albert Street, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 1LZ.
eGRID. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 29 June 2016].
Robust emissions data is available through the EPA's eGRID program.
Ore catapult is looking to procure a power analyser system to be used in the 15mw wind turbine and 3mw marine drive train test facilities which will link into the egrid allowing the measurement of current and voltage usage from the egrid system.
"How to Use eGRID for Carbon Footprinting Electricity Purchases in Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories." U.S.
For example, the Midwest relies on coal-fired plants, whereas over half of the West Coast's generation comes from either gas-fired plants or hydropower (eGrid, 2010).
The fully integrated prototype system will be made by TECO Westinghouse Motor Company in its Round Rock, TX facility and be demonstrated at Clemson s eGRID Center.