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Darbepoetin alfa (Aranesp[R]), a hyperglycosylated (contains additional carbohydrate groups) form of rHuEPO that has a longer half-life in vivo and requires less frequent dosing than epoetin (Amgen, Inc., 2008; Egrie, Dwyer, Browne, Hitz, & Lykos, 2003; Macdougall, 2000) was developed.
(11.) Elliott S, Egrie J, Browne J, Lorenzini T, Busse L, Rogers N.
To create NESP, two extra N-linked carbohydrate addition sites were added to the current epoetin alfa structure (Egrie & Browne, 2001).
Advantages of darbepoetin alfa as compared to epoetin alfa include less frequent administration and similar routes with subcutaneous (SC) and intravenous (IV) dosing (Egrie & Browne, 2001; Macdougall, Gray, Elston, Breen, Jenkins, Browne, & Egrie, 1999).
We also thank two anonymous referees, Edward Frees, Mark Browne, John Mullahy, Frank Sloan, Julie Shi, Ginger Turner, Shailee Pradhan, as well as participants at ARIA conference in San Diego, APRIA conference in New York, Finance and Insurance conference at Feng Chia University, Oikos Young Scholars Economics Academy conference at Filzbach, and EGRIE conference in St.
This includes an increase in patients who were transfusion independent (Adamson, 2009; Eschbach, Egrie, Downing, Browne, & Adamson, 1987).
In part, this may explain why observational studies suggest that normalization of hemoglobin should increase patient survival, while randomized controlled trials do not consistently (Besarab, Bolton, Browne, Egrie, Nissenson, Okamoto, et al., 1998; Port, 2000).
Also, we would like to thank participants in the 2013 meeting of the Deutscher Verein fur Versicherungswissenschaft, particularly Johannes Jaspersen, and participants in the 2013 EGRIE Seminar in Paris, particularly Peter Zweifel, for helpful discussions.
We thank two anonymous reviewers, as well as Roland Eisen, Wanda Mimra, Harris Schlesinger, and seminar participants at the Wharton School Applied Economics workshop, the Goethe University Frankfurt, the Munich Behavioral Insurance Workshop, the Risk Theory Society meeting, the EGRIE meeting, the Symposium on Finance, Banking and Insurance, and the ARIA meeting for their valuable comments.
Eschbach, J.W., Abdulhadi, M.H., Browne, J.K., Delano, B.C., Downing, M.R., Egrie, J.C., et al.
We are grateful for helpful comments and suggestions from Tobias Bohm, Christophe Courbage, Michael Hoy, David Myatt, Ray Rees, Francois Salanie, Achim Wambach, seminar participants at the EGRIE meeting in Toulouse and at the Symposium on Annuities and Bequests in Zurich, as well as four referees.