EGRMExpert Group on Resource Management (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)
EGRMEntreprise Générale de Réalisation de Magasins (French: Company General Director of Stores)
EGRME-Governance Road Map (India)
EGRMEntreprise Générale de Rénovation et Maçonnerie (French: General Contractor and Renovation of Masonry)
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The construction and detail of LRM, EGRM and SGRM is given below.
Now we come to the EGRM which assumes the relationship between year and population as an exponential function.
The computed values of the parameters b0 and b1 come out to be 1.1874 and 0.02909 for the interval (1729-1947) and the EGRM equation appears to be
Table 1.5###Regression Variable Results for EGRM (1729-1947)###
Similarly, for the interval (1951-2008) the computed values of b0 and b1 come out to be [?]6.995 and 7.0186 respectively and the EGRM equation appears as Pn = [?] 6.995e7.0186Yn (1.10)
In view of the Explorer Data Analysis (EDA) it is found that (EGRM) is most adequate to predict the (PGRK).