EHATElectrical Hazards Awareness Training
EHATExplosive Hazard Awareness Team
EHATEnvironmental Health Assessment Team (various locations)
EHATEast Harlem Abyssinian Triangle (Harlem, NY)
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The biliary complication and eHAT rates were higher than those seen in high-volume centres and remain areas for improvement.
(121) Ehat and Cook, Words of Joseph Smith, 351, Thomas Bullock's report of the sermon.
Working from the EHAT matrix and a compiled list of desired participants, ICHD staff solicited community interest in completing an application to join EHAT (Task 3).
"All Soldiers deployed to Iraq have to receive EHAT training," Porter said.
The CEHC conducts explosive hazards awareness training (EHAT) to deploying forces, develops EH counter-measures, conducts new equipment training for commercial off-the-shelf equipment, produces training aids and programs of instruction, and assists in the identification and fielding of viable countermeasure solutions.
The First Division's promotion chase had its drama too, and look ehat we did to the champions Rotherham on the last day..
The lot, which had sat vacant for 29 years, was owned by the city of New York, which sold it to the East Harlem Abyssinian Triangle LLP (EHAT) for $1.5 million.
INDEPENDENT VARIABLES: Variables Measurements Ehat predicted probability of not working.
subsidiary, which partnered with the East Harlem Triangle Group to form EHAT (East Harlem Abyssinian Triangle), it served as a developer of the project.
GR2D, a real estate venture consisting of three companies - Gabriel Associates of The Bronx and R2D and the Hutensky Group of Hartford is implementing the development of this $15 million, 63,000 square-foot project assigned by the East Harlem Abyssinian Triangle (EHAT), a non-profit community development group.
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Thus, Rashi comments on Genesis 11:1 that "safa ehat" (one, i.e., the same language) refers to lashon hakodesh (the holy language, i.e., Hebrew).