EHCCEarth Hour City Challenge (World Wildlife Fund)
EHCCEast Hawaii Cultural Center (Hilo, HI)
EHCCElayn Hunt Correctional Center (Louisiana Department of Corrections)
EHCCEastern Heating & Cooling Council (Mt. Laurel, NJ)
EHCCExplosive Hazard Coordination Cell (US DoD)
EHCCEye Health Council of Canada
EHCCEmerald Hill Cricket Club (Melbourne, Australia)
EHCCEmpire Hotel & Country Club (Brunei)
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He was promoted in 2016 to EHCC as assistant warden for administration.
The EHCC program reaches out to early learning facilities, explaining that they should be aware of and cautious about what children are exposed to on their grounds.
Landscape of Somatic Mutations in HBV-Related eHCC. To obtain insight into the genetic basis of HBV-related eHCC, exome sequencing was performed on paired tumour and peripheral blood DNA from 5 HCC patients (BCLC stage A, 1 tumour nodule, diameter [less than or equal to] 3 cm; Table 1).
The winner of the EHCC will be announced by the WWF by October 2016.
The EHCC checklist (Figure 1) is a self-report checklist focusing on stewardship areas of pesticides, air quality, household chemicals, lead, mercury, furniture and carpets, art supplies, plastics and plastic toys, treated playground equipment, radon, recycling/garbage storage, and education and awareness.
Recent studies have shown that hypovascular early HCC (eHCC), which is not an indication for resection, progresses to conventional hypervascular HCC.
"We were more than happy to support the 578th request for Intel products that could be displayed to their ANSF partners," explained Captain Julie Miller, EHCC Intel Officer, Combined Joint TF Paladin.
The EHT plays a significant role in filling this gap, acting as the eyes and ears of an EHCC (another new organization) as it builds and manages a comprehensive theater explosive hazards database.
Indeed, the eight-year-old EHCC program is poised for rapid growth.
Hubert, EHCC's warden said, "She is always willing to take on extra challenges."
For an inward-looking perspective to describe what IT practitioners and researchers need to do differently or anew, Tomlinson introduces the theme of extended human-centered approach (EHCA) and extended human-centered computing (EHCC).
The explosive hazards coordination cell (EHCC) helps develop the common operating picture and provides informational or situational understanding on explosive hazards to coalition forces to minimize coalition and civilian casualties.