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Our scheme EHCM can be divided into two parts: the intracell data transmission and the cell edge data transmission.
So our scheme EHCM could strengthen the stability of the system, and it can also realize the dynamic load balancing by diverting some connection requirements from congested cells to other noncongested cells.
The following three metrics are used in this study to compare the performance of our scheme EHCM and that of traditional one SCM.
Figure 7 shows the PDR performance attained by our scheme EHCM in comparison with the traditional one SCM when nodes change.
Figure 9 shows the CRR of the network with the increase of the nodes between EHCM and SCM.
Figure 10 shows the lifetime variation of the network with the change of a, and Figure 11 shows the PDR performance with the change of [alpha] when using EHCM scheme.