EHCNESA (European Space Agency) Health Care Network
EHCNEcumenical Health Care Network (Canada)
EHCNEuropean Health Communication Network (est. 1997; World Health Organization)
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Awarding EHCN a renewal of the ISO reflects "confidence in the efficiency of services offered to planes in the Egyptian airspace and airports," Zaki said.
"The air monitoring devices have been replaced or upgraded in accordance with the latest world-acknowledged satellite applications," Zaki said, pointing to EHCN's participation in an international conference held in Jordan for air navigation providers earlier this month.
The total wages of EHCN's workforce in 2013, according to the company chairman, total EGP 894m, marking a rise of 18% compared to 2012.
EHCN employees receive medical treatment at EgyptAir Hospital, one of the few places available for the Ministry of Civil Aviation staff to receive medical care.
For all of the four EHCN subgroup definitions, these tabulations indicate that there are small but consistently lower plan ratings compared with general
The ratings for disabled enrollees were generally lower than those of the other three EHCN subgroups.
It should be noted that the most restrictive definition of the EHCN subgroup over age 65 (i.e., those enrollees both in fair or poor health and with limited independence) was used for the estimates reported in this table.
The EHCN subgroups have consistently lower ratings of these dimensions of process of care than do other HMO enrollees.
HMOs offer a system of care that should provide better coordination and integration of services for those with EHCN. The analyses presented in this article suggest that these beneficiaries are significantly less satisfied with the process of care and with ease of access to services in HMOs.
The findings in this article suggest that beneficiaries with EHCN might also benefit from these activities.