EHCRElectronic Health Care Record
EHCREfficient Healthcare Consumer Response
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Much of the criticism of the EHCR decision concerns the fact that the ECHR apparently added insult to injury by awarding thousands of Euros to the pirates after they had received a two-million-Euro ransom in order to release the hostages.
"An EHCR has the potential to revolutionise the delivery of health and social care.
(10.) EHCR, Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response (EHCRTM) Assessment Study, June 2000.
While continuing to approve Lord Hewart's maxim, (31) since 1982 the EHCR has identified the underlying rationale of the objective test as the maintenance of the confidence which the courts in a democratic society must inspire in the public and above all, as far as criminal proceedings are concerned, in the accused.
[62]; cyprus v Turkey (2001) IV EHCR 435, [70]; Ilascu (2005) 40 EHRR 46 [314]-[316]; lOIZIDOU V tURKEY (Merits) (1996) V1 Etir Court HR 2216, [52]
They claim the role of the Parole Board and the Minister For Justice in reviewing their sentences is incompatible with the EHCR.
Implementing security in a distributed web-based EHCR. International Journal of Medical Informatics 76(5-6): 491-6.
In cases that could be deemed to involve either freedom of expression or the manifestation of religion, the ECHR has often considered the claim solely as one of speech, whereas the Supreme Court treats the combination of expression and free exercise as entitled to special status as a "hybrid right." (19) In addition, both the EHCR and the Supreme Court view commercial speech less deserving of protection than its noncommercial counterparts.
6339/05, [2006] EHCR 6339/05 (Lexis), [paragraph] 46 (Eur.
First, he was stimulated to articulate his view of the role of courts in relation to EHCR. This should not be static but generally speaking should be less prominent than their role in relation to CPR.
It had to be construed in a way that was compliant with the EHCR. The power was to be exercisable not merely if the welfare of the child required it but wherever it was required, by the Convention, to give effect to the rights of others.