EHCYEducation for Homeless Children and Youth
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[29] There is strong evidence from laboratory and clinical studies that eHcy is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease, although some recent studies appear to refute this claim.
(37) In addition to the EHCY's four requirements, the No Child Left Behind Act amended the EHCY to provide a twenty-five per cent increase of state funds over the 2001 amount for state educational activities.
The McKinney Vento and, more specifically, the EHCY Program, appear to be flawless legislation.
Currently, states are given the authority to determine their own categories for measurement in meeting the objectives of the EHCY Program through individual state plans.
(50) However, appropriations for the EHCY Program have not kept up with inflation or demand for services.
(54) Due to the inadequate funding of the EHCY, and McKinney Vento in general, it is no surprise that states consider implementing the program in their respective jurisdictions as a burden.
(58) Therefore, once a state accepts funds through the EHCY Program it is obligated to ensure enforcement of the Act.