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"Public libraries have become the people's university, a lifelong learning center," says "Ehde. "We are not the same quiet hallowed place of learning.
Legro MW, Smith DG, Ehde DM, Reiber GE, delAguila M, Boone DA.
Ehde. "It doesn't have to be something big-just something that is meaningful to you."
Important subjects are beautifully handled.--Ava Ehde.
* Ava Ehde, Manatee County Library System, Division of Neighborhood Services Department
(30.) Smith DG, Ehde DM, Hanley MA, Campbell KM, Jensen MP, Hoffman AJ, et al.
In another study, an astounding 87 percent of a county jail population reported a history of head injury (Slaughter, Fann, & Ehde, 2003).
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O aspecto fisiologico esta associado a reorganizacao cortical central apos a perda do membro, visto que o cortex cerebral possui a representacao de cada regiao do corpo e apos a amputacao a area referente ao membro perdido permanece representada no cortex, dificultando o fim da sensacao corporal (Demidoff & cols., 2007; Hanley, Jensen, Ehde, Hoffman, Patterson & Robinson, 2004).
Fraser, Kraft, Ehde, and Johnson are on the faculty of the University of Washington Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (MSRRTC).
Ehde, Ph.D., and her colleagues at the University of Washington.