EHDMExtended Handoff Direction Message
EHDMElektronik Harp Destek Merkezi (Turkish: Electronic Warfare Support Center)
EHDMEnhanced Hierarchical Development Methodology
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The purpose of this project was to evaluate the use of an EHDM in terms of wrist orientations that may predispose individuals to CTS.
EHDM use resulted in reduced wrist extension throughout the first half of the push and reduced wrist ulnar deviation throughout the second half of the push compared with CMW use.
Reducing wrist extension at the beginning of the push and ulnar deviation at the end of the push with EHDM use, therefore, represents an important reduction of peak push forces acting on the wrist and consequently possible compression of the median nerve.
The diversity of the participant group and the greater experience using the CMW versus the EHDM may have increased the variability of the results, which could have reduced the number of significant findings.
Not controlling speed and cadence for EHDM and CMW propulsion may have limited the interpretation of the results.
Future studies should include an examination of the effectiveness of the EHDM in improving wrist mechanics during a more complex propulsion protocol completing several different tasks as well as a longitudinal study observing the incidence of CTS in those using a CMW versus the EHDM.