EHDSE-Health Data Solutions (est. 1997)
EHDSEastern Hills Drafting Services (Australia)
EHDSEnhanced Home Delivery System (software; Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.)
EHDSEconomic and Human Development Strategy (South Africa)
EHDSExpert Health Data Systems (Silver Spring, MD)
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Figure 2 shows the current and voltage waveforms that characterized the EHD device.
John Sheridan, founder and CEO of eHealth Data Solutions said, Combining eHDS with ABILITY expands our sales reach and service level for our customers.
Theresa Schmidt from eHDS developed the indices below, among others, from the MDS tool to indicate outcomes improvement related to rehab function, community reintegration, and quality of life of residents experiencing the "tours." We measured:
Mark Pulido, CEO of Ability Network said: The market-leading clinical and administrative capabilities in eHDS tools CareWatch, RiskWatch, UBWatch and CW Connect add to our applications, giving Ability new growth opportunities, and extend our leadership in the post-acute market.
The "plays" included in the eHDS Playbook are strategies to improve effectiveness in optimizing reimbursement through data accuracy and completeness.
Thanks to the home energy audits and other activities developed by the 14 EHDs, cumulative investments in highly energy-efficient heating and cooling system made by households are expected to reach 0,5 M and FIESTA s actions will lead to 328 toe/year in (primary) domestic energy savings, and 1,130 tCO2 reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Using eHDS' RUG Potential tool, Nancy Annegers, Nursing Field Supervisor for Clinical Software Training and Support at Heritage Enterprises, a multi-facility chain based in Bloomington, Illinois, describes how her organization has significantly narrowed the gap between actual and potential Medicare revenue by documenting services more accurately and leaving less money on the table.
Sheridan and his entire team at eHDS are working hard to provide the tools that will allow the staff at long-term care facilities to embrace the future with confidence.
That's the simple thought behind the array of tools that eHealth Data Solutions (eHDS) has created to give skilled nursing facilities (SNF) all of the data collecting power they need to ensure appropriate Medicare funding, strong survey compliance, and excellent quality care.
health Data Solutions (eHDS) serves more than 1,300 SNFs, more than many states.
Haffenreffer discusses how facility QMs figure into the QAPI process and how that process can be improved by longitudinal tracking using run charts, such as the health Data Solutions' (eHDS) CareWatch Statistical Process Control Chart (SPC).