EHDV-2Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serotype 2
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Furthermore, this localized EHDV-2 occurrence was within 72 km of the US border of Michigan and coincided with concurrent and widespread EHDV-2 and EHDV-6 outbreaks across much of the eastern United States during July-October, 2017 (D.E.
LC320036) showed that EHDV-6 HG-1/E/15 sorted into the E1 subgroup of the Eastern group (Figure 2, panel B) (8) and had highest identity to the Ibaraki isolate EHDV-2 JPN1959/01 (95.96% nucleotide and 99.77% amino acid identities).
Thus, EHDV-6 HG-1/E/15 possibly has pathogenic characteristics similar to those of Ibaraki strain EHDV-2 JPN1959/01 in cattle.