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EHelp Corporation (now merged with Macromedia) seems to have cornered the market on creating and managing online help systems that save time and money as well as enhance end user productivity and satisfaction.
EHelp has chosen authoring tools wisely because HTML and Microsoft Word are two of the most popular software packages on today's marketplace.
Once the acquisition is completed Macromedia will have access to a number of products that have been developed by eHelp including its RoboHelp and RoboDemo software.
Source: eHelp Corp., San Diego, CA, 800/358-9370, 858/459-6365;
American Airlines has selected DynaHelp from eHelp Corporation as an integral part of the eCRM solution for its web site at
A readiness to act against offending policemen and women should also act as a deterrent and encourage the majority of honest officers to ehelp maintain the high standards we all expect from the police.
Recently Macromedia, known for its Web client and server products such as Dreamweaver, ColdFusion, and Flash, acquired eHelp Corporation, a company known especially for its online Help development systems, including RoboHelp.
Miriam Geller, Macromedia's director of product development, pointed out synergies between the eHelp and Macromedia product lines.
RoboDemo 3.0, software, 2002, eHelp Corporation (800-358-9370,, $399.