EHENExceptional Human Experience Network
EHENEuropean Housing Ecology Network (est. 1993)
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Removing the plastic now prevents the material entering our oceans in the future and the river will be left in a much more natural condition, improving the habitats for Salmon, Trout and other fish species as well as removing the threat to the River Ehen SSSI/SAC further downstream.
The Environment Agency said one flood alert remained in force for the River Ehen in the area.
(37) See e.g., Peter Neuner, "Ein katholischer Vorschlag zur Eucharistiegemeinschaft," Stimmen der Zeit 211 (July, 1993): 443-450; Georg Hintzen and Peter Neuner, "Eucharistiegemeinschaft fur konfessionsverschiedene Ehen?" Stimmen der Zeit 211 (December, 1993): 831-840; Ernest R.
Molnar noch auf ungarische Wendungen wie ehhel hal 'verhungern' fur das heutige ehen hal.
To that end she changed PAI into the journal Exceptional Human Experience and the PSI Center into the Exceptional Human Experience Network (EHEN) with its unique website,
Michaela Connell, 16, from Egremont, jumped into the River Ehen in Egremont near White-haven, Cumbria, yesterday afternoon.
Ehen if a person overcomes all of the hurdles to demonstrate that she is "truly disabled," that individual still must demonstrate that she is "qualified"--that she can perform the essential functions of the employment position, with or without reasonable accommodations.
Ehen by and by follows the verb immediately, there is no direct link between it and the verb, and this is even more so when by and by is separated from the verb either because it comes before the verb or other words intervene between it and the verb.
Vergleichende ejaculatuntersuchungen bei mannern aus sterilen und fertilen ehen. Arch Dermatol Forsch 241:426-437 (1971).
My unease about the reader's ability to 'read' accurately what the guide offers is the beginning of some dissatisfaction with the contradiction involved in the writing of such a concise companion: succinct synthesis and general characterization always threaten to become impenetrable or to resort to statements close to cliche (Walser's Ehen in Philippsburg is 'a subtly orchestrated study of the workings of upward mobility [...] a scathing attack on the readiness of the newly affluent generation to hunt with the wolves and further their own careers' (p.
Clearly, within the increasingly worldly and functionalist culture of the Weimar Republic, Hasenclever's sometimes way-out mysticism must have seemed like a throw-back to the fin-de-siecle, and once he himself realized and accepted this after completing Mord (by which time the Weimar Republic had entered its short-lived and illusory stabilization phase), he seems to have accommodated himself fairly readily with contemporary culture by writing commercially successful, ironically secular comedies like Ehen werden im Himmel geschlossen (1928).
Philipson, David Newmark, and Julian Morgenstern (Berlin, 1913), 17; see also Einhorn, "Noch ein Wort uber gemischte Ehen," Jewish Times, Jan.