EHESEustis Heights Elementary School (Eustis, FL)
EHESEuropean Historical Economics Society (est. 1995)
EHESEuropean Higher Education Space (standards)
EHESEast Haddam Elementary School (Moodus, CT)
EHESElvin Hill Elementary School (Columbiana, AL)
EHESEastwood Heights Elementary School (El Paso, TX)
EHESEnvironmental Health Engineering Services
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Remigio, M.Phil., from the University of Maryland School of Public Health in College Park, and colleagues examined the correlation between EHEs and the risk of hospital admission or mortality among patients with ESRD.
Reinforced by product advertising and package labeling, many hookah smokers believe that EHEs are less harmful than charcoal.
To be included in this review, studies must have focused on the relationship of HRIs due to high ambient temperatures or EHEs as an exposure with ED visit utilization, or their cost.
Within the context of the outline above, EHEs are defined using several daily heat metrics but are primarily based on meteorological variable deviations (e.g., temperature) from the historical norm, and a majority of studies have applied one definition to all climate regions.
EHEs, defined as summer temperatures substantially hotter or more humid than the norm for the location and time of year, lead to increased numbers of heat-related illnesses and deaths.
The chapter authors do an admirable job of exploring EHEs and their clinical relationship to mental disorder, positive schizotypy, creativity, personal transformation or destruction, and treatment and support options being utilized in Germany and the UK.
Local Heat Alert and Response Systems are a proven way to prepare for and minimize the negative health impacts of EHEs. The HARS project in Canada involves the design, implementation and evaluation of the pilot systems over two summers (2009 and 2010).
Lucas, S y otros 5 autores; Teaching and learning strategies and evaluation changes for the adaptation of the Chemical Engineering degree to EHES. Education for Chemical Engineers: 3, e33-e39 (2008).
And in the last stanza, the same threat reappears" "So time and tide turn over into a new war, / hungry clouds eat up the gentle blue of the sky" ("A vilag uj haboruba fordul, ehes / felho falja fol egen az enyhe keket").
Budenz connects the Hungarian word for 'hunger, to be hungry', ehseg, ehes (MUSz 771) with Finn.
--(2012), 'Crises and policy responses within the political trilemma: Europe, 1929-36 and 2008-2011', EHES Working Papers in Economic History No.