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EHFExtremely High Frequency (30-300 GHz; 1cm-1mm)
EHFEbola Hemorrhagic Fever (disease)
EHFEnable High Pass Filter
EHFExtremely High Frequency
EHFEnvironmental Handling Fee (Canada)
EHFEuropean Handball Federation
EHFExtrêmement Haute Fréquence (French: Extremely High Frequency)
EHFExpert Habitat Français (French construction company)
EHFElectrical Hull Fitting
EHFExchange Hosted Filtering (Microsoft)
EHFEsport Halo France (French sports league)
EHFElite Home Fashions (home furnishings; home decor)
EHFException Handling Fault (computer programming)
EHFEmployment History File
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To analyze global Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Technology status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
Cow's milk formulas are categorised according to the degree of hydrolysis into intact milk protein formulas, partially hydrolysed formulas (PHFs) or extensively hydrolysed formulas (EHFs).
EHF. The EHF formability experiments in this study were conducted from a flat blank, and the die cavity was filled using a single EHF pulse.
Unlike in current human EHF cases, diarrhea was only observed temporarily in 1 EBOV-Makona-infected and in none of the EBOV-Mayinga-infected animals.
En Colombia, se evaluo el desempeno de la EHF, en una muestra de estudiantes en medicina (cinco primeros semestres) de una universidad de Bogota, y se observo que alta consistencia interna (alfa de Cronbach ([alfa]=0,78) y omega de McDonald ([omega]=0,79)), buena validez convergente con la escala de actitud hacia hombres homosexuales y mujeres lesbianas (ATGL) (r=0,84), excelente validez divergente frente al Indice de Bienestar General (WHO-5) (r=0,06), pobre validez nomologica frente a la escala de Francis para religiosidad (r=0,19) y un unico factor responsable de aproximadamente el 45% de la varianza total (22).
All members of Iceland Sustainable Fisheries ehf have the same rights and influence regardless of the magnitude of their production and export.
Primex EHF is the manufacturer of chitosan, which is manufactured from shrimp shell.
For example, if super high frequency (SHF) IP platforms were denied, there was an extremely high frequency (EHF) platform available.
Sofia, Bulgaria, February 25, 2012 --( On December 31st 2011, the OFFICE 1 Iceland Master Franchisee - Egilsson ehf bought all the shares of its main competitor in the market A4 Skrifstofa og skoli (A4 School and Office supplies).
It seems that the European Handball Federation (EHF) also stimulates the chauvinism and the Macedonian anti-Albanian insults.
ICELAND supermarket founder Malcolm Walker has been revealed as the main investor behind the purchase of Catco Vn ehf. in Iceland (the country).
One is EHF satellite communications for tactical communications on the move.