EHFAEuropean Health & Fitness Association (Brussels, Belgium)
EHFAEuropean Historical Fencing Alliance (various locations)
EHFAExtremely High Frequency Applique
EHFAElectrical High Frequency Audiometer (hearing loss)
EHFAERDAS Hierarchal File Architecture
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In a technical sense, the EHFA's rates were not "below market," for the agency's rates actually became part of the market.
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(45) Material on this shift can be found in several different EHFA files.
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(52) A recent study of the RFC during the New Deal by James Olson asserts that the EHFA was "an instant success," financing the sale of over 70,000 refrigerators during 1934.
(53) During House debates on power policy, Mississippi cosngressman John Rankin, whose district included Tupelo and other TVA and EHFA territory, read excerpts from letters written to him by his constituents that described how they made use of more power due to reduced rates.
Our data suggest that HFA and EHFA are more efficient in detecting early hearing loss compared to pure tone audiometry.