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[1] evaluated several EHFs and amino acid-based formulas (AAFs) available in South Africa (SA) for their residual allergen content, peptide size profile and amino acid content.
In conclusion, we congratulate the authors on addressing the heterogeneity of EHFs in terms of residual allergen content and peptide composition.
Kardiyojenik sok tanisi konulan AKY hastalarinda hastane ici olum oranlari EHFS II calismasinda (10) %39.6, Tavazzi ve ark.'nin (13) Italya'dan bildirdikleri cok merkezli AKY calismasinda % 25.4 olarak bildirilmistir.
Calismamizda, hastanemizden sag olarak taburcu edilen hastalarinin toplam hastanede kalis suresinin ortancasi (6 gun), sirasiyla Amerika'da ve Avrupa'daki AKY nedenli hastaneye yatislari inceleyen calismalar olan ADHERE (4.3 gun) ve EHFS II (11 gun) calismalarindaki hastanede kalis surelerinin ortasinda yer almaktadir.
The recently published international guidelines (9), (10) recommend extensively hydrolysed formulas (eHF) or amino-acid based formulas (AAF) as first-line alternatives for children with CMA.
* Alternative formulas including eHF, AAF and soya formula may be used as milk substitutes.
The rate of beta-blocker use was low at discharge in this study (42.7%) compared with EHFS II (61%), but was similar to rates of use observed in the Tanzania Heart Failure (TaHeF) study (42%) and THESUS-HF (50%).
Comparison of CAD risk factors in the present study with HF studies from SSA and other parts of the world Study, country Diabetes Hypertension Smoking (%) (%) (%) Current study 21.8 48.7 38.7 Stewart et al., [4] SA 10 55 48 Lokker et al., [18] SA 24 70 NR Mwita et al., [19] Botswana 15.5 54.9 NR Ogah et al., [13] Nigeria 10 64.3 3.3 Makubi et al., [14] Tanzania 12 45 NR THESUS-HF [5] 11.1 55 9.8 EHFS II, [3] Europe 62.5 32.8 NR ADHERE, [2] USA 44 73 NR CAD = coronary artery disease; HF = heart failure; SSA = sub-Saharan Africa; SA = South Africa; THESUS-HF = The Sub-Saharan Africa Survey of Heart Failure; EFHS II = EuroHeart Failure Survey II; ADHERE = Acute Decompensated Heart Failure National Registry; CAD = Coronary Artery Disease; NR = not reported.
To evaluate the residual allergen, protein, peptide and amino-acid content of AAFs and EHFs available in SA.
* Testing for milk protein allergens (whole milk, [beta]-lactoglobulin, casein, [alpha]-lactalbumin) in AAFs and EHFs and comparing these with whole cow's milk and human breastmilk
There are three categories of formula used for infants with CMPI: soy-based formula, eHF, and AAF.
According to one study, soy-based formula is better tasting and less expensive than eHF (Anderson, 1997).