EHGÉcole Hôtelière de Genève (French: Hotel School of Geneva; Switzerland)
EHGEco-Habitat-Groupé (French environmental group)
EHGEdmonton Homebrewers' Guild (Canada)
EHGExtra High Grade
EHGEye Hate God (band)
EHGEDI Health Group, Inc. (Irvine, CA)
EHGEmaar Healthcare Group (United Arab Emirates)
EHGElectro Hydraulic Governor (steam turbines)
EHGEnvironmental Health Group (various locations)
EHGElectrically Heated Glass
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These included all available Hox, ParaHox, EHG, and NK genes from bivalve molluscs and Drosophila melanogaster, and Lox5 and Xlox from the cephalopod Euprynma scolopes (Berry, 1913).
Heswall B and EHG (D) will have plenty to say as they sit two points further behind.
Awards: EHG Cocktail Competition 2012 - Winner (Mocktail category); EHG Cocktail Competition 2011 - Winner (Cocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2011 - Second runner-up (Cocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2010 - Second runner-up (Mocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2009 - First runner-up (Cocktail and Peranakan category); AFJ Cocktail Challenge 2011 - Second runner-up (Mocktail category); Food&HotelAsia2010 ASEAN Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHRA) Cocktail Competition - Winner (Cocktail category)
EHG, a pioneer in Web-based dental electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions, acquired Dentalxchange.
The team also worked closely with Project Coordinator Jette Ramlose from the EHG headquarters in preparation and coordination.
Harteveld CL, Versteegh FGA, van Leer EHG, Starreveld JS, Kok PJMJ, van Rooijen-Nijdam I, et al.
Bruschi ML, Lara EHG, Martins CHG, Vinholis AHC, Casemiro LA, Panzeri H, Gremiao MPD.
a manufacturer of heaters, controllers, and temperature sensors for thermoforming, has introduced the EHG SL10, an all-in-one integrated/adjustable safety limit, temperature controller, and heater system.
Maxell's standard videotape was the object of an upscale extension with the EHG brand, Cadillac's Cimarron was a downscale introduction from the luxury-sized models.
EHG also used various colours to paint the exterior facades of the project's European style buildings, providing tenants with a residential environment rich in enjoyment, comfort, tranquillity and optimism.
As the executive manager - communications and sustainability, Electricity Holding Group (EHG), Ghada directs and manages the brand marketing, corporate affairs and CSR for EHG companies.
Saliguard EHG (ethylhexylglycerin) is multifunctional ingredient with applications as skin conditioning agent, a deodorant agent and a preservative/preservative booster.