EHHCExposure and Human Health Committee (US EPA Science Advisory Board)
EHHCECHO (Extended Care Health Option) Home Health Care (US DoD)
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* The EHHC benefit provides medically necessary skilled services by a licensed professional to eligible homebound beneficiaries whose needs exceed the limits of the Home Health Agency-Prospective Payment System (HHA-PPS) as described in the TRICARE Reimbursement Manual (TRM).
* EHHC respite care services are provided to eligible beneficiaries who require frequent interventions (defined below).
How will the CCTP coverage transfer over to the EHHC benefit?
For ADFMs who are receiving home healthcare services under the CCTP, EHHC will replace CCTP as a means of providing intensive home healthcare services.
Retirees and their family members currently in CCTP will not transfer to EHHC benefits.
EHHC respite care reduces the day-to-day challenges for caregivers
The first of the triplets was sent home with intermittent nursing care, followed by the other two triplets, who were approved for EHHC respite care.