EHISEuropean Health Interview Survey
EHISEmlyn Hughes International Soccer (computer game)
EHISEnvironmental Health Information Services
EHISElectronic Health Information System
EHISEfficient Health Information Solutions (medical consulting firm; Atlanta, GA)
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EHIS does not contain information about any private schools with non-Russian languages of instruction in its database.
The six archive recordings now available from the first season of eHIS are:
The Declaration from the Budapest Conference reaffirmed that the EHIS is an essential tool for policy making relevant to children's environmental health.
Among the key products is a core set of children's environmental health indicators to monitor the implementation of the CEHAPE with a prototype pan-European EHIS.
By outlining the priority data flows in a pan-European EHIS, the core indicators will provide guidelines for the reporting on the progress of realization of four RPGs of the CEHAPE.
In order to examine the convergent validity of the EHIS, participants answered a 7-item version of the Israeli Sexual Behavior Inventory (ISBI, Kravetz, Drory, & Shaked, 1999) tapping two areas of sexual functioning.
On the other hand, the strength of the significant correlations was mostly moderate, implying that although the EHIS scores were associated with reports of sexual functioning, they cannot be equated with measures of sexual satisfaction or intimacy.
Obtaining access: Epi Info (which includes the EHIS module) is distributed by USD Incorporated, 2075 A West Park Place, Stone Mountain, GA 30077; and Brixton Books (North America), 740 Marigny Street, New Orleans, LA 70117; (504) 944-1074
The World Health Organization (WHO) has played a major role in developing and using EHIs (Corvalan et al.
To support the development of EHIs, the WHO provided a conceptual framework, driving force--pressure-state--exposure-effect--action (DPSEEA), which adopted the simple pressure-state-response (PSR) sequence applied by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for environmental reporting (Briggs and Wills 1999; Corvalan et al.
To more clearly identify the source of the information on our site, on April 1 the Web site will change from EHIS to ehpOnline.
Access to the EHIS is available online at http://ehis.