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When we applied the sex-specific scale for CSBP classification ([greater than or equal to] 133 mmHg for males, [greater than or equal to] 137 mmHg for females) presented in EHJ in 2014 [17], which is more specific in comparison to the simpler classification published in JACC in 2013 (cut-off value for hypertension > 130 mmHg for both sexes) [16], the percentage of patients in the hypertensive range dropped from the initial 62% to only 13%.
(14.) Berghmans LCM, Frederiks CMA, de Bie RA, Weil EHJ, Smeets LWH, van Waalwijk van Doorn ESC et al.
Hulzebos EHJ, Van Meeteren NLU, De Bie RA, Dagnelie PC, Helders PJM (2003) Prediction of postoperative pulmonary complications on the basis of preoperative risk factors in patients who had undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
The 44-year-old parcels delivery man had returned to his white Leyland Convoy van, registration DX54 EHJ, in Rossmere Way between 11am and 11.30am on Wednesday when he was approached by a man who demanded his keys and threatened him.
In Denmark, Freja Transport and Logistics, EHJ Transport & Spedition, Frode Laursen, and the DSV Group are examples of carriers performing as core in such networks.
However, considering results from the TOPIC trial (EHJ, 2017), and data from the SCAAR registry (reported in May 2017 at the EuroPCR meeting),there is a need for a scientific discussion about optimal DAPT in ACS patients who require PCI, he concluded.