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EHKEpidermolytic Hyperkeratosis
EHKEuskal Herriko Komunistak
EHKEnergasindo Heksa Karya (Indonesian company)
EHKÉtablissement Hatem Krichen (Tunisian subcontracting company)
EHKElternverein für Hochbegabte Kinder (German: Parent Association for Gifted Children; Switzerland)
EHKEpson Hong Kong Limited (est. 1980)
EHKEmergency Health Kits (UN World Health Organization)
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Although a diagnostic hallmark of epidermolytic acanthoma, the EHK pattern is not specific for this diagnosis, as it may also be seen in epidermolytic ichthyosis, (80) epidermolytic epidermal nevus, (81,82) or as an incidental finding.
EHK: 'Further, Honda has stopped production and development of Asimo.'
Again, the logic is direct EHK, then R-181 to MATZO, then a bearing of 131 to AZC.
EHK Car Wash Services, a sister company of Valtrans that specialises in advanced technology dedicated to eco-friendly modes of car cleaning, is providing complementary services when using Valtrans valet at various locations.
sajandil viidi moisatiikidesse suuri kalu, see oli omamoodi kalade sailitamise voi hoidmise viis ehk voimalus vajadusel mugavalt ja kiiresti varsket kala saada.
Component (%) CaO 63.1 Si[O.sub.2] 20.2 [Al.sub.2]O.sub.3] 2.2 [Fe.sub.2] 4 MgO 2.0 [Na.sub.2]O 0.18 [K.sub.2]O 0.31 Loss on ignition 4.5 [C.sub.2]S 68 [C.sub.3]S 13 [C.sub.3]A 1 [C.sub.3]AF 13 Table 2: EHK quartz composition and physical properties.
anthelminthicus extracts (EHH, EHK, AHH, or AHK) at concentrations of 0, 5, 10, and 20 [micro]g/ml.
"Self'and "Other",2014), books of travel essays Teekond Hispaaniasse (1985, Estonia's annual literary prize in essay genre), Hispaaniast Ameerikasse (1992), Ameerika markmed ehk Kaemusi Eestist (2000) and nine books of poetry.
On kasitletud tahkisemehaanika probleeme toeotsingu seisukohalt, kusides, millised teoreetilised, arvutuslikud voi numbrilised tulemused on toesed ehk lahemal reaalsusele.
In dem von Hornung mitgeteilten Satze: ehk meie leneme savaa 'vielleicht werden wir bekommen' verbleibt ja beim Fortlassen des Wortes ehk 'vielleicht' das reine Futurum.