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EHMEfficient Market Hypothesis
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EHMElectronic Home Monitoring (various states)
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EHMEarthquake Hazard Mitigation (US NSF)
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EHMEucharistic Healers of Mary (religious order)
EHMEnhanced History Manager (browser extension)
EHMExercise-Hypogonadal Male
EHMEarly Health Model
EHMEven-Harmonic Mixer
EHMEquipment Hydraulic Module
EHMEnseignement Hôtelier Méditerranéen (French: Mediterranean Hoteliers Education)
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Perkins was a liar by profession when he was employed as an EHM. (28) He admits to being quite skilled at exaggerating economic forecasts in order to make westernization appealing to underdeveloped countries.
The progressive shortening of reproduction responses is predicted by the dual-klepsydra model (DKM), which is based on two linear inflow/outflow systems ("leaky accumulators" or "klepsydrae"; Wackermann & Ehm, 2006; Wackermann, Ehm, & Spati, 2003).
Perkins offers several case studies drawn from his decades in that loathsome line of work, and describes how he eventually decided to detect from the ranks of the EHM. Of particular interest is his description of the "petro-dollar" partnership forged between the United States and Saudi Arabia in the mid-1970s, through which the Saudis received military hardware and training in exchange for a promise to continue selling its oil exclusively in dollars.
I assured him that we did, although usually only by the initials EHM. In fact, on the day in 1971 when I began working with my teacher, Claudine, she informed me: "My assignment is to mould you into an economic hit man.
The purchase amount has not been disclosed, but EHM has taken on responsibility for existing debts.
EHM's new service manager, Serge Lemite, says that in addition to all gas fired equipment, EHM will service #2, #4 and #6 oil burners and boilers, handling everything from repair to installation, chemical treatments, tri-annual inspections, controls and welding.
(5.) Conceicao MCSC, Sampaio AO, Vale, RGS, Achour Junior A, Nodari Junior RJ, Dantas EHM. Chronic effects of static flexibilizing on neuromuscular parameters in young adults.
New York: Fitch Ratings has affirmed the 'BB+' rating on the following bonds issued on behalf of Evangelical Homes of Michigan (EHM):
Although we are now consuming a lot of digital media, television-especially here in the Philippines-is more widely available in a lot of homes,' said Ehm Ignacio, program head of Fox Networks Group Philippines, which carries cable channel Star World and 'The Voice US.'
Thomas Ehm, SVP Human Resources Airbus and Frank Franke, President of Wings of Help with the aircraft that took humanitarian supplies to Haiti