EHMDExpanded Helmet Mounted Display
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When used as part of an EHMD, Prolacta's neonatal nutritional products are clinically proven to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital costs for critically ill, extremely premature infants weighing between 500-1,250g (1 lb 1 oz - 2 lbs 12 oz) at birth, in the NICU, as compared to cow milk-based fortifier or cow milk-based preterm formula.
De acuerdo a estos resultados se decidio fraccionar el extracto EHM en solventes de diferentes polaridades obteniendose las sub-fracciones EHMH (8 g), EHMHD (10 g), EHMD (18 g), EHMDA (20 g), EHMA (21 g), EHMAM (24 g) y EHMM (18 g).
aeruginosa 29 -- -- 10 20 ATCC(27853) Amk: amikacina[R] (30 [micron]g); Amp: ampicilina[R] (10 [micron]g); Eri: eritromicina[R] (15 [micron]g); * Zonas de inhibicion (mm); diametro del disco de papel 12 mm; CIM: concentracion inhibitoria minima (rango de concentracion: 1/20 mg/mL); 1: EHMH; 2: EHMHD; 3: EHMD; 4: EHMDA; 5: EHMA; 6: EHMAM; 7: EHMM.