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On multivariate regression analyses, total all-cause medical costs were statistically lower across DAA-treated years than across the untreated years: $6,379 per year on average, because of savings related to health care for EHMs ($3,158 per year on average) and diagnoses other than CHC, hepatitis, or EHMs considered in this study ($4,638 per year on average).
Fiedler, S., Kieslinger, B., Pata, K., & Ehms, K.
Perkins' story of his years as an economist and "EHM" (like less radical veterans of big business, the author is fond of acronyms) with an international consulting firm called Chas.
In this explosive book, readers are treated to a dozen dirty secrets that expose the machinations of the West's so-called 'Economic Hit Men' (EHM).
(5) John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, decided to publish his tell-all autobiography about his regrettable work as an EHM. He believed that he and other EHMs helped create a global empire that spurred worldwide anti-American sentiment that ultimately resulted in the 9/11 attacks.
The financial interests behind the EHMs deliberately entice resource-rich Third World governments into "a web of debt that ensures their loyalty."
The longer version relates to my dedication to the country where I was raised, to my love of the ideals expressed by our Founding Fathers, to my deep commitment to the American republic that today promises "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" for all people, everywhere, and to my determination after 9/11 not to sit idly by any longer while EHMs turn that republic into a global empire.
East Hollins Middle School (EHMS) serves 750 students in seventh and eighth grade.
"We were developing procedures for a new GM van," recalls Paul Ehms, senior industrial engineer at the Tarrytown, N.Y., plant.
Perkins looked at his daughter, he came to understand that without coming clean about EHMs, all his books and works could not assuage his conscience or do his duty to his daughter.