EHMTEnvironmental Hazardous Materials Technology (Southwestern College major)
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The treatments with extrusion (ENAT, EANN, EHMT e HMTA) had lower swelling power than the non-extruded.
A) NAT 2400 x; B) ANN 4000 x ; C) HMT 4000 x ; D) HMTA 4000 x ; E) ENAT 100 x ; F) EANN 43 x ; G) EHMT 100 x ; and H) EHMTA 100 x.
Acronyms Samples description NAT Native Starch ANN Annealing HMT Heat-Moisture Treatment (oven-dried) HMTA Heat-Moisture Treatment (autoclaved) ENAT Native Extruded Starch EANN Annealing + Extrusion EHMT Heat-Moisture Treatment (oven-dried) + Extrusion EHMTA Heat-Moisture Treatment (autoclaved) + Extrusion Table 2.