EHNEEuskal Herriko Nekazarien Elkartasuna (Basque: Solidarity of Agricultural Workers of the Basque Country)
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Asi, Ehne Bizkaia (2012) propone considerar los SFSC como una herramienta potencial para la transformacion social.
Las bases de Short Food Supply Chains (Ehne Blskala, 2012: 10).
Furthermore, it must be noted that as late as on maps issued in the 17th century the present names Ohne (Ehne) and Omulupe were indicated as Amosa (see Map 2).
A centrifuge can transform the sludge into 20 percent to 40 percent solids; a belt press could achieve only about 15 percent to 20 percent, Ehne says.
Contract notice: mission of assistance and support in the framework of the project of the laboratory of excellence to write a new history of europe (labex ehne) for the faculty of arts.